Wilderness Backpack Trail

There are many nature lovers who will never have the opportunity to be able to go backpacking and hiking in a pristine Big 5 wilderness game reserve, yet alone one in the Kruger National Park!! It is also not often that we get to spend quality time in the bush with experienced Trails Guides, learning from them and sharing their infectious passion for the bush and the wilderness spirit.
With this in mind, Shangani Trails is offering a Wilderness Backpack Trail that will provide just such an opportunity by spending up 3-5 days exploring one of South Africa 's magnificent wilderness areas, the Makuleke Concession in Northern Kruger National Park, on foot.

The Trail

Each trail is led by experienced Trails Guides with the days revolving around the wilderness concept leaving minimal trace and impact on the environment. Participants will become totally immersed in this wilderness area, without any modern electronic devices, where time will be measured only by the rising and setting sun!

Days will be spent walking in game-rich areas where any of the Big 5 could be encountered at any time while interpretation of tracks and sign, birds and their often frustrating calls will be identified and discussed. In the evenings, eco-friendly camps will be set up, water collected with each participant then having the opportunity to reflect on the day and life in general as they keep watch around the small fire while others sleep.

All Trailists will be encouraged to participate in the planning, setting up and cleaning up of camp sites, night watch ,planning for and collection of water replenishment. Minimum Requirements for the Trail are a love of nature, a wilderness spirit, a spirit of adventure and adequate fitness and ability to carry your backpack over fairly long distances.